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La Fourche (Paris Métro) by  Wikipedia

La Fourche is a station of the Paris Métro, serving Line 13.

The station opened on 26 February 1911 as part of the Nord-Sud Company's line B from Saint-Lazare to Porte de Saint-Ouen. On 20 January 1912 it became a junction with the opening of the northwesterly branch to Porte de Clichy. On 27 March 1931 line B became line 13 of the Métro.

The station has two levels, an upper and lower level. The upper level has two track with two platforms on either side. These are served by trains going to and arriving from Asnières - Gennevilliers and by northbound trains to Saint-Denis. The lower level has a single track and a single platform; this is served only by southbound trains arriving from Saint-Denis. North of La Fourche station and heading south from Guy Môquet, the tracks on the Saint-Denis branch diverge, the northbound track ascending and joining with the tracks from Asnières - Gennevilliers just before reaching the station. The southbound track remains at the same level and enters the station underneath the rest of the tracks. Heading south from the station, the tracks from the upper level platforms descend and the southbound track from the lower level platform joins them just north of the Place de Clichy.

Station layout Gallery See also List of stations of the Paris Métro References Roland, Gérard (2003). Stations de métro. D’Abbesses à Wagram. Éditions Bonneton.

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