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Sup'Internet is a private French school created in September 2011 and located at Paris. The school is part of IONIS Education Group and delivers three Bachelors in graphic design & content, internet business & management, development & web technologies.


The analysis of a statement

The establishment of the school has been announced in January 2011. The Directors of IONIS Education Group, founders of the school, justified this creation by the analysis of two observations. The Internet world has taken an important place in the economy that requires people trained specifically for this sector. Meanwhile, France, which does not have specialized school, recruit very often staff from foreign countries. This personal analysis seems has been shared by Xavier Niel, Marc Simoncini (CEO of Meetic) and Jacques-Antoine Granjon (CEO of, who founded the École européenne des métiers de l'Internet the same year and with the same curriculum. The first promotion of Sup'Internet joined the school in October 2011.

International development

The university will open a new campus abroad in 2014.

In September 2014, a new digital and innovative campus will open in Paris (Marais-Bastille) bringing together the Institut supérieur européen de gestion group, Sup'Internet and E-Artsup.



Belonging to IONIS Education Group, the group's president is the president of the school who is assisted by a General Manager.

Partners Club

A "Partner Club" has been established in February 2012. It is intended to guide the training department on the changes to be made to the curriculum and the relationship with Internet companies. It consists of technical and human resource managers from companies in the world of the Internet such as Adobe, Bouygues Telecom, Microsoft, Weborama,....


The curriculum is in three years. Since the first year, students choose one of the three specializations offered : graphic design & content, internet business & management, development & web technologies. During the first two years, a common core allows the acquisition of knowledge in web technologies, knowledge of the Internet, management, innovation, economy and humanities. The first year of the course is conclude with an internship of two to four months and the second by an immersion of four months.

The final year of study takes place in a common form for all students : four days a week in a partnership company and two to three days of lessons. Students choose twelve seminars among forty-five which are available and interested in issues such as: silverlight, cryptography, strategies and issues of geolocation, ... Admission to Sup'Internet first year program is by application and interviews for holders of a French Baccalauréat.

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