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House in Muuratsalo by  Kirsten

With the Villa Mairea, the experimental house in Muuratsalo is the best example of residential architecture of Alvar Aalto.

Aalto bought the island when he worked in the City of Säynätsalo and built a house there for evasion and experimentation. The island, then uninhabited, was the place to isolate itself from humanity and that it is necessary to do so by boat. The house is the specific treatment of the land, the volume and play materials.
Aalto puts beachfront house on the edge of the pine forest that has the island. The house is protected by a small southern Andes. Aalto used this feature to create the ground between the mountains and small pavilions a working space.
The interaction between the field and the size of the piece is also important. The square prism that is the house is cut up by the ground and two water and cover the gap using the site to place on the level of the house, just below the lounge, a haven for small boats.
The volume, though pierced by west and south (Best guidelines Finland), has a strong presence when the pier and climb shows the corner.

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