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University of Jyväskylä by  Kirsten

Several buildings in the main campus area were designed by famous Finnish architect Alvar Aalto. Aalto received the commission to design the College of Education campus following a competition held in 1951. Aalto played on the idea of Jyväskylä's image among the town's inhabitants as it being the "Athens of the North", and layout of the campus reflects principles of Greek acropolis layouts. His scheme even included a Greek-style open-air theatre, though executed in minimal form.
Buildings in the campus area designed by Alvar Aalto:
Teachers Training School 1951-54;
Staff housing 1951 (now the Jyväskylä University Museum);
Student’s Hall of Residence 1952-54 (now the languages department);
Lozzi and Lyhty staff and student refectories
Main Building 1954-56;
Swimming Pool 1954-58, 1964, several alterations (called Aalto-Alvari);
Physical Education Building 1971;
Library 1957 (now the Aalto Reading Room).

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