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Bitte Leben or Bonjour Tristesse yet? by  NasserHund

The building stands on an area's angle, only a few steps from the wall, in Kreuzberg that has to deal with the problems of a district unexpectedly at the geographical, political and social margin.
Álvaro Siza Vieira takes care of the difficult environment in which it operates, drawing a play of forms able to attract the pedestrians' attention, but not exceeding in any of his compositional choices.
The roof terrace has a single eye-shaped window oriented to East Berlin where someone wrote "Bonjour Tristesse".
Now there is a new giant red graffiti: "Bitte Leben," which makes you think about the speed of Berlin's change, the tumultuous past events and the needs resulting from the expected increase of 7% of the population in the next twenty years.

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