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One of many great things to do in Naples: Taste typical sweets by Gazettr

Neapolitans are passionate about dessert, so you can expect the best. There are many sweet shops, gelateries, chocolateries. You just choose.


La Sfogliatella Mary
 by Gazettr

At the entrance of the Galleria Umberto I, La Sfogliatella Mary is an idyllic spot, which distributes continuously Neapolitan delicacies. Reference point for babà and sfogliatella.

 by Gazettr

Staunchly old-fashioned in its ways, this is one of the city's most traditional gelaterie. The fantastic flavours of the ice-cream and mouthwatering sorbets attract a loyal following, and the benches afford spectacular views across Naples.

Chalet Ciro
 by Gazettr

Chalet Ciro is one of the greats of the Neapolitan ice-cream scene, and locals travel all the way across town to eat here; expect a queue for pastries on Sunday mornings too. After choosing from a vast array of gelati and pastries, claim a seat outside and watch the boats ...

Fantasia Gelati
 by Gazettr

A bright and crowded spot, Fantasia serves up an amazing array of creamy gelati, ranging from the classic cioccolato to the creative Benevento (nougat and chocolate chunks). The cakes are to die for, and there's also a tempting assortment of fruits and nuts filled with gelato, a southern Italian speciality.

 by Gazettr

This small temple of top-notch gelato in the heart of the Centro Storico is a heavenly outpost of the revered, old-world Gay Odin chocolate factory. Gelato here achieves a perfect balance between creamy and light, with the best chocolate flavours in town; try the white chocolate and hazelnut or cioccolato ...

Gelateria della Scimmia
 by Gazettr

One of the city's oldest and most renowned gelaterie, this place is sparsely furnished and often very busy. Go for the basic flavours and you won't be sorry (strawberry and lemon are an excellent combo). Look out for the intensely sweet house speciality - a chocolate-coated banana gelato on a ...

 by Gazettr

Historic sweet shop in Naples. If you love the dessert you must go. The ministeriali are their specialty.

 by Gazettr

It is known for its bagels crumbly and warm, but certainly Leopoldo offers many other products typical of the Neapolitan culture.

Attanasio Sfogliate Calde
 by Gazettr

Hidden in the backstreets near the station, Attanasio is worth hunting out if you have a sweet tooth. The reason: sfogliatelle. They are the finest in the city, thus the best in the world. Fluffy, sweet and spicy ricotta cheese wrapped in flaky pastry, hot out of the oven - ...

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