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One of many great things to do in Naples: Admire the Caravaggio's works by Gazettr

Although Caravaggio spent less than four years in Naples, he left a rich artistic legacy. Having made his name in Rome in the late 1590s, Caravaggio was as famous for his innovative compositions and extraordinary ability to recreate lifelike detail as for his unconventional behaviour. He fled Rome in 1606 with a price on his head, having killed a thuggish playboy, Ranuccio Tomassoni, in a duel. He ended up in Naples.


Palazzo Zevallos
 by Gazettr

Overlooking Via Toledo, the palace is part of the history of the city, with its changes of ownership and architectural transformations, decorations lost and those found in the unfolding of events, face from the original seventeenth-century have led to its present. Caravaggio's The Martyrdom of St Ursula can be seen ...

Museo di Capodimonte
 by Gazettr

When construction began in 1738 on the palace that now houses one of Italy's largest and most artistically rich museums, King Carlo III envisaged no more than a hunting lodge. Seduced by plans for something far grander - and hard pushed to find space for the vast art collection he ...

Pio Monte della Misericordia
 by Gazettr

Pio Monte della Misericordia was established in 1601 by seven Neapolitan nobles, with the purpose of providing interest-free loans to the needy. Borrowers would leave items as security which could be auctioned if the loans were not repaid. The confraternity still exists today, and donates funds to schools, churches and ...

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