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One of many great things to do in Naples: Choose the pizza you like best by Gazettr

Naples is the home of pizza. Wherever you are in the city, you’re never far from an oven, crackling wood and the delicious aroma of freshly baked pizza.


Al Faretto
 by Gazettr

Away from the hustle and bustle, with a terrific terrace overlooking the bay, this understatedly posh establishment is perfect for a romantic candlelit dinner. It also delivers in terms of what's on the plate, thanks to its upmarket, classic cuisine. The mozzarella is mouth-watering, the seafood pastas and fish first-rate. ...

Ciro a Santa Brigida
 by Gazettr

Set on two floors (head upstairs for a seat overlooking the street; if you strain you can see Vesuvius), Ciro has a huge list of contorni to choose from. The choice depends on the season: carciofi (artichokes), scarola (lettuce) or aubergine, perhaps; note that you may be charged for a ...

Da Michele
 by Gazettr

A seriously minimalist traditional pizzeria, Da Michele serves two types of pizza (margherita or marinara), beer, Coca-Cola and water. Service is friendly and fast, and the pizze are enormous, delicious and unbelievably cheap. Take a number at the door before joining the queue, and marvel at the theatrical pizzaiolo, staff ...

Di Matteo
 by Gazettr

The decor may be unimpressive, but the pizzas are fabulous at this highly popular establishment. Di Matteo is one of the few places where ripieno fritto (fried calzone pizza) is to be recommended. Delicious deep-fried bits and pieces (frittura) can be nibbled to keep hunger at bay while you wait; ...

Friggitoria-Pizzeria Giuliano
 by Gazettr

Probably the best pizzette (snack-sized pizza) in town: the ripieno and the margherita are exceptional. Potato croquettes and zeppole (deep-fried dough balls) are crisp and fresh.

Pizzeria Pellone al Vasto
 by Gazettr

A short walk from the station, the fiercely popular Pellone is very much a neighbourhood pizzeria: queues are immense in the evenings, although a recent extension on Via Bari has improved matters slightly. A vast oil painting of the Bay of Naples dominates the entrance to the dining room. The ...

Pizzeria Trianon
 by Gazettr

This palatial pizzeria is a Neapolitan institution dating from 1923, with marble tabletops, faded frescoes, and fantastic pizza for next to nothing. It's practically across the street from Da Michele: one big difference is that there is never a queue here, since it accommodates 450; the other is that there's ...

Ristorante-Pizzeria Poseidone
 by Gazettr

Poseidone has ample seating right on the promenade. The fish is memorable, the recipes interesting, the setting lovely and the service genuinely charming. The dish that combines mussels (when in season) and aubergine is a highlight; mixed fried fish served up in a full-size edible cornucopia is another. Don't miss ...

Pizzeria Sorbillo
 by Gazettr

Sorbillo is one of the best pizzeria you can find. It is an inexpensive place with huge queues. Don't be deterred: the turnover is often remarkably quick!

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