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Music in Naples by Gazettr


Teatro Trianon Viviani
 by Gazettr

The Trianon re-opened not long ago, with a new focus on traditional Neapolitan theatre and song. Singer Nino d'Angelo directs the enterprise with aplomb, managing to please the deeply traditionalist Neapolitans who populate the Forcella quarter. Inside the theatre, you can see some of the remains of ancient Greek Neapolis. ...

Galleria Toledo
 by Gazettr

This hip theatre screens films and, during the cooler months, hosts an eclectic programme of alternative Italian and international bands.

 by Gazettr

This recently remodelled theatre has an eclectic programme, but the focus is mainstream musicals (in Italian) and concerts of Neopolitan music.

Associazione Scarlatti
 by Gazettr

This is one of the main venues and conservatories for Baroque music, and renowned worldwide.

 by Gazettr

Library, record store and café where you can still "spare" your time funnly and pleasantly.

Teatro di San Carlo
 by Gazettr

Teatro San Carlo is a symbol of the city. A place of pilgramage for opera devotees, the stately San Carlo remains one of Italy's finest opera houses and the oldest active opera house in Europe. Celebrated composers such as Rossini, Donizetti and Bellini have all served as its director, and ...

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