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One of many great things to do in Naples: Escape the town by Gazettr

There are many fabulous places around the city, all lie within striking distance of Naples.


 by Gazettr

It is the largest of the Phlegrean Islands. The island is famous for its crystal sea for the seaside and the famous shops on the waterfront as "Rive droite" in the town of Ischia.

 by Gazettr

Capri, an area famous for its villas, vistas and VIPs attracts thousands of daytrippers from Naples each day, eager to spend their Euros in the cafés, chichi butiques and souvenir stores, before making the obligitaory visit to the famous Blue Grotto. It's easy to forgive Capri for being so popular. ...

 by Gazettr

Procida is the less touristy island of the Flegrean Islands, but perhaps the most characteristic.

 by Gazettr

Sorrento is enshrined in myth as the land of the sirens; it was here that Odysseus was enchanted by the mermaids’ beguiling song. The city became a magnet for the grand tourists of the 18th and 19th centuries, and although these days it is sometimes considered slightly passé, it remains ...

Amalfi's coast
 by Gazettr

The Amalfi's weaving and winding coast road hugs the cliff as tightly as any lover. John Steinbeck described it as ‘carefully designed to be a little narrower than two cars side by side’ in a piece he wrote for Harper’s Bazaar in 1953, admitting that ‘in the back seat, my ...

Parco sommerso di Gaiola
 by Gazettr

The area is set in the landscape of Posillipo. Its peculiarity is due to the fusion of volcanological, archaeological and biological elements. On the seabed of the park you can see the remains of ports, nymphs and fish tanks currently submerged.

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